1 Where can I purchase Nefu products?

You may purchase your product here on our website or at our office at 237 Pandan Loop #08-08 Singapore 128424

Please refer to our list of authorised dealers, trusted dealers who are professional and well trained

For more enquiries please contact us at +65 6570 4858

2What is the warranty period of the product?

All product(s) sold by or our authorized dealers except accessories come with a 12 Month limited warranty to original purchaser that is valid from the date of purchase

Accessories such as Memory Cards and Cables comes with a 6 Month limited warranty

3Do you provide repair service for the product which is out of warranty?
Yes, we do. Defect occurring after the expiration of the warranty period is charged for repair Please call us at +65 6570 4858 for pricing
4Do I need to make an appointment before coming in for repair service?

To avoid unnecessary waiting time, please call in at +65 6570 4858 for appointment availability.

The repair duration varies, depending on the complication of your product issue.Usually, it will not take more than half an hour.


1 Where is Nefu products from?
2 Is Nefu compatible with Mac OS?
Yes. Nefu is compatible with all operating system.
3How do you connect the power to Nefu?

There are 3 ways to connect

1. Connecting the power cable to the fuse box.

2. Connecting the cigarette lighter adaptor in to your car cigarette lighter socket

3. Additional option; get a Mightycell back up battery for parking mode solution
4Can you install Nefu in trucks, lorries and others?
Yes. It can support up to 24v. But we can provide a converter for anything beyond 24v.
5 How long does the installation take?
45-60 Minutes
6When the memory is full, does it rewrite recordings or automatically delete the recordings?
Yes. Once memory is full, it will rewrite the recordings. Nefu dash cam has a format free function; it will automatically delete old files once it is full to free up space.
7How much time the memory card records before it starts to overwrite?
This will vary depending on the memory card size.
8What kind of recording format used?
Nefu records in AVI format,it is easy to download and share recording files.
9How many type of files recorded?

There are 4 types:

1. Driving - While on the road and driving.

2. Parking - Recording only when car is in parking mode.

3. Event - Starts recording when there is any motion, movements or impact.

4. Manual - Recordings that you manually record from the record function.
10 Can I use a third party memory card?
Yes, it is compatible with most memory card but we would recommend Class 10 Memory Card.
11Do I need to reformat the memory card every now and then?
Nefu has a TFF Format Free Technology does not need you to format memory periodically. Though, we would recommend you to format your memory card yearly.

Technical Issues

1How do I format the SD card?

1. For Nefu Plabo you can use the nefu app to format the the memory card which is fond in the settings.

2. For Nefu Rogard you can use theLCD screen to format the memory card, select the setting icon, select memory, and click on the format icon.
2How to upgrade the firmware?
You may upgrade the firmware at the App Store for iOS users and Playstore for android users.
3How to change or reset the WiFi password?
In the settings, select system and you will see WiFi password, select WiFi password and then you may set your password accordingly and select apply.
4Unable to switch the WiFi to default OFF
For Nefu Plabo, there is a wiFi button. You may click on the button to on/off respectively.
5Unable to connect to camera using WiFi
Try to reboot your mobile phone and re-connet the WiFi.
6Camera keeps restarting
This is probably caused by a faulty SD card. If so, please try to format your SD card by using a pc or replace it with a new compatible SD card.
7How to change date and time in settings?

1. For Nefu Plabo just use the app and select setting,select time then you will see (time setting) after that you may set your time and select apply.

2. For Nefu Rogard just tap on the LCD screen and select the setting icon then select system and you will see (time),select time and there you can set the time.
8What is parking mode?
When the car ignition is turned off and car is stationary, it will go into parking mode. It is a feature that will keep the dash cam in a state of hibernation while the vehicle is parked, and will start recording when motion is detected.
9Camera not recording
If you have experience this problem, please contact us at +65 6570 4858 to arrange a repair appointment.
10Sound is not recording
If you have experience this problem, please contact us at +65 6570 4858 to arrange a repair appointment.