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November 17, 2018

Exclusive Nefu dashcam promotion @ Sitex show 2018

Nefu is leading in-car camera brand in South Korea, and has unveiled its latest creation, the Nefu Plabo two-channel full-HD dashcam. The Nefu Plabo will be on sale at SITEX 2018, held at Singapore Expo Hall 5 from 22 to 25 November 2018. The first 200 Nefu Plabo two-channel in-car cameras sold at SITEX 2018 will include free installation An exclusive SITEX promotion is available for the first 200 pieces of the Nefu Plabo two-channel dashcam, which includes a Mightycell EN3300 Backup Power Battery as well as free installation for $395. For the first 100 pieces of the Nefu Plabo one-channel sold, Nefu will also throw in the Mightycell EN3300 as well as free installation for $295. The Nefu Plabo is able to record full-HD footage at 1080p at 30fps for both front and rear cameras. With a 145-degree front and 140-degree rear wide angle camera, it is the perfect tool for capturing everything that happens on the road and around your car. The Nefu Plabo also features Ultra Night Vision Technology courtesy of a Sony STARVIS image sensor, for better clarity in low-light conditions. The sensor also reacts to extreme light conditions during the day, reducing glare and delivering superior video quality, day or night. The optional CO2 sensor feature measures carbon dioxide levels in the vehicle cabin. It prevents any instance of driving whilst having poor indoor air quality, by giving out a warning when there is an increase in carbon dioxide levels. The low-power circuit design technology in the Nefu Plabo prevents battery drainage, with the ability for the user to set the ideal battery voltage for the in-car camera to operate. In addition, Nefu’s latest sleek design, the Nefu Rogard 2 Channel Full HD WiFi Up to 256gb with integrated 3.5” LCD screen is suitable for drivers who would like to view their recordings in real time, which includes a Mightycell EN5000 Backup Power Battery as well as free installation for $450. Autopia is the distributor for Nefu products in Singapore. Check out the Nefu Plabo and the rest of the Nefu in-car camera range at the Nefu booth at SITEX 2018, located at Hall 5, booth 5B31 at Singapore Expo from 22 to 25 November 2018. SITEX 2018 is open from 11:00am to 9:00pm.
December 14, 2018

Sony’s STARVIS™ for better clarity in low light

If you are not happy with night time video, Your image sensor will be normal CMOS image sensor. You can upgrade to Nefu Plabo or Ragard with Sony’s STARVIS™ image sensor. Sony’s STARVIS™ provides better clarity in low light producing high quality and crystal clear and seamless recordings !!
December 14, 2018

Nefu Plabo installation to BMW 1

Korean in-car camera Nefu Plabo to BMW 1 Series Plabo Spec: 2 Channel Full HD – Full HD, Built-in Wifi, Sony Starvis Image sensor, Smart App (Video editing and direct share @ Android / iOS)
January 5, 2019

Nefu Plabo Smart Android App Tutorial

Nefu Smart App that allows you to edit your recordings directly from the application itself. The Smart App enables you to cut the recordings shorter to your choice of length and share it to your cloud storage Google Drive or Dropbox or Wetransfer directly from the Smart App. You may share it directly to chat apps like WhatsApp and so forth without having to download the recordings beforehand. This great feature will help you save plenty of time as you do not have to use a PC to view or download your recordings. Please follow the steps below 1. You can downloand “Nefu Dashcam” at Google Play 2. Turn on WiFi on Nefu Plabo and your mobile phone 3. Connect to Nefu Plabo AP (default password: 12345678) @ WiFi Setting 4. Open Nefu Smart application after connecting to Plabo via WiFi 5. Select Live viewer or File Viewer to check videos 6. Select video you’d like to download and edit in folders (Drive, Event, Parked, Manual), Video will be automatically saved in the Phone folder 7. Select share apps (Google drive, Youtube, Wetranfer, Whatsapp etc) that you’d like share Thanks for watching tutorial video!
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