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September 25, 2018

Nefu products will be launched on 26th, October, 2018

Welcome to Nefu Singapore. Nefu is Korean leading car accessories brand such as in-car camera, car air-purifier, CO2 sensor, car camera battery etc. We are very proud that we can introduce Nefu Brand in Singapore. Wait a little, We can give you further detailed information as soon as possible! Thanks for your patience!! Nefu Singapore
October 11, 2018

Nefu innovative technology for drivers

Nefu have established own independent systems for development on the basis of highly advanced Automobile-related technology such as IOT, Cloud, DVR etc.
November 5, 2018

Nefu in-car camera for Everyone in Singapore

The Ideal In-Car Camera For Everyone Nefu, the No.1 leading dash cam brand in Korea has unveiled its latest creation, Nefu Plabo 2 Channel Full HD WiFi Up to 256gb Non-LCD dash camera that will amaze you with its superb smart features. Based on Nefu’s philosophy to pursue technology development that helps improve the quality of life, they have created the Smart App that allows you to edit your recordings directly from the application itself. You can cut the recordings shorter to your choice of length and share it to your cloud storage Dropbox, Google Drive or Onedrive directly from the Smart App. You may share it directly to applications like WhatsApp, Telegram and so forth without having to download the recordings beforehand. This great feature will help you save plenty of time as you do not have to use a PC to view or download your recordings. Automotive Technology Nefu provides a driver-friendly auxiliary system ADAS (Advance Drive Assistance System) that prevents the risk of accidents with warning beeps and voice guidance so that the driver can drive more safely. This feature includes LDW (Lane Departure Warning System) that warns of exit when lane departure without blinking direction indicator, FVSA (Front Vehicle Departure Notification System) that recognizes and notifies the departure of the preceding vehicle during stoppage and signal waiting. Priced at $395, the Nefu Plabo features Sony’s STARVIS™ image sensor for better clarity in low light. Ultra-Night Vision for superior low light compensation that helps to reduce glare and delivers stunning image quality day and night, Multiple Recording Modes such as “Continuous”, “Incident”, “Manual”, “Parking” modes are able to help you to handle diverse situation and circuit design technology to prevent discharge. It also has a wide view angle of 145 °for the front camera and 140 ° for the rear camera. The optional CO₂ sensor feature measures carbon dioxide in monitoring indoor air quality to help prevent driving while drowsy. An increase in CO2 concentration may cause falling asleep at the wheel while driving long distance. From time to time, Kids or pets are suffocated by the air-conditioner in summer season. CO₂ concentration within a range from between 1,000ppm and 2,000ppm can affect human body by allowing people feel discomfort when they inhale. Symptoms include rapid pulse, increasing blood & pulse pressure, headache, fatigue, dizziness, discomfort, and so forth. The CO₂ sensor feature will give off a warning sign when the air in your car is bad. With this feature, you will be sure that you are driving in a safe condition and help prevent accidents in advance. Alternatively, the Nefu Rogard 2 Channel Full HD WiFi Up to 256gb with integrated 3.5” LCD screen is suitable for drivers who would like to view their recordings in real time. Priced at $450, the LCD camera offers Picture-in Picture view which allows you to choose either camera to show a larger onscreen image while the feed from the other is a much smaller image. You can also opt to have just one of the camera feeds visible. Nefu products will be launched officially at Sitex show on 22nd-25th November !
November 13, 2018

Nefu in-car camera @ Sitex 2018

Nefu is Leading In-car camera brand in Korea, which have accomplished to sell over 600,000 units in 2017. Nefu has unveiled its latest creation, Nefu Plabo 2 Channel Full HD WiFi Up to 256gb Non-LCD dash camera that will amaze you with its superb smart features and 360° rotating cylinder shaped slim design. It is time to take control of your car’s security and protect yourself from possible threats like vandalism, collisions and theft. Getting a dash cam is an effective way to see who was at fault in a car accident and provide footage evidence, this will help your insurer settle a claim stress, hassle-free and save time. Look out for our booth 5B31 at the Singapore Expo SITEX Show From 22nd to 25th November 2018 11-9pm!
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